Mr. Joe Biden ran for 2020 president

In the US presidential election 2020: Joe Biden launched the bidding for president, and participated in today's most crowded field. Find out in detail through this article.


News of former US Vice President Joe Biden announced bidding for president


In a recent video announcement, Joe Biden argued that "the core values โ€‹โ€‹of the nation ... our democracy, everything that makes America, is at stake." ". This 76-year-old man, who has twice run for office.


Biden for president 2020

Biden for president 2020


What else did he say?


Joe Biden, who served as Vice President Barack Obama for two terms, reiterated and criticized President Donald Trump that there were "very good people on both sides" in civil riots. white race of Houston state in 2017.

"With the words of Mr. Joe Biden, the president of the United States has designated an ethical equivalent and those who instilled hatred and those who have the courage to fight it,"


Joe Biden said: "I believe history will look back on the president's four years and all that he holds as an extraordinary moment in time. But if we give Donald Trump eight years at home White, he will change forever and fundamentally the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch it happen.

Presidential candidate 2020


Did you know Mr. Biden's prospects?


As you all know, Mr. Joe Biden is the most experienced among the Democratic candidates. A six-term senator, he ran twice unsuccessfully for the president - in 1988 and 2008.


Biden was supposed to run for president again in 2016, the year Trump was elected, but ruled himself out after the death of his 46-year-old son, Patrick Biden, because of a brain tumor. .

He has enjoyed the relative popularity of Democratic parties in recent years, consistently leading every monitored Democratic national poll.


Mr. Joe Biden Tweet is also now betting on having the strongest appeal of Democratic candidates across Central and Western America, where many low-income voters have abandoned the party in recent years. here.

Joe Biden participates in the Democratic presidential election as a leader, if not first, with recognition of the big name and potential to donate large numbers from campaigns. donations.


Will he be elected president of the United States this year? Please follow the web daily.

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