Latest election poll for US President 2020: Biden and Trump

We invite you to view the latest poll data of each state that will turn into electoral votes and use FT to 0's interactive computers in important battlefield states right here.

Information about the election held today, with the latest polls in today showing this result in the Electoral College is the following picture:

As you know, there are only two months left until the 2020 US presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is a Democratic candidate, is voting before his incumbent president. Republican Donald Trump is in key battlefield states, although as seen, Mr. Biden has seen his lead and Trump is the opposite. In Wisconsin, where Mr. Trump won with a small margin in 2016, Mr. Biden is currently 6 points ahead. In Florida, where Covid patients are experiencing a spike in the summer, Mr. Biden is 4 percentage points ahead of Mr Trump. Mr. Biden also holds a narrow lead in Arizona, the state that has had only one Democratic presidential candidate won in the past 70 years and is even narrower than in North Carolina, who they voted for. Republicans in 0 of the 10 most recent presidential elections. In Texas, the difference in the poll count between the two men was less than 5 percentage points, also showing a close November race in the quintessential red state.

Polls from the countries above have shown Mr. Biden to have a significant advantage this year. In particular, white seniors, the group that helped propel Trump to victory in 2016, are showing no good signs for Trump over handling the recent pandemic that has caused the country to fall. economic status, people are seriously affected


Above is the latest information about the recent poll of the presidential vote. Hopefully this information will help readers have the latest news about Mr. Joe Biden. Have a nice day

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