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Joe Biden's full name is Joseph Robinette Biden. He was born on November 20, 1942. This year he turns 77 years old. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. He belongs to the Democratic Party.


Joe Biden and the picture with the family

Joe Biden and the picture with the family

How many kids does Joe Biden have?


Joe Biden has 9 kids and grandchildren. Including 4 kids and 5 grandchildren and grandchildren. A daughter and first wife died in a car accident.


At that time Joe biden lost his balance and thought that the lot was unfair to him. There was a time when he thought of death. However, because of his two sons, he tried to overcome that difficult period. 


5 years later (1977) he went on with his second wife, Jill Biden. The life of two people is quite happy and they had 1 daughter that year named Ashley Biden.


Joe Biden first came to Washington in 1970 as a member of the anti-war faction in Vietnam. Mr. Joe Biden was trained to become a lawyer and became a Senator in 1973, at that time he was quite young, he was 30 years old, he was the youngest senator in the history of the United States. He has served on the Senate Judiciary Committee of the United States, which is primarily responsible for such matters as: drug stimulation, crime prevention and the freedom of the people. He was also a longtime member and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and worked on issues of the Yugoslavia and the Iraq War.


In the campaign to rescue the refugees of the Republic of Vietnam, Joe Biden was at the time opposed to the evacuation and rescue of the citizens of the Republic of Vietnam. He sought to slow down the Senate refugee law, complaining that he needed more details on the issue of accepting refugees before he could support it.


Joe Biden has twice failed to win the Democratic presidential candidate position in 1988 and 2008. During his sixth consecutive senatorial term, And Joe Binden is a naturalist 6th longer than all current US senators.


Joe Biden and his current wife

Joe Biden and his current wife

Joe Biden contact information?


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